Volumes – Mixture rhythm tone (Pod HD)


Damn that’s a br00tal tone…

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Mixture Patch

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  1. Willibrord koch

    Fantastic patch, works right out of the box. Nothing to change. Thank you

  2. Josh Lyons

    This patch is buy far one of the best out there. It’s got that awesome tight mid-range cut and doesn’t require alot of tweaking. Running a jackson js22-7 with stock pick ups and this patch is giving me the tightest sound yet. Definitely worth the money!

  3. atkcondon

    Absolutely massive fucking tone. Sound great cranked.
    If you own a 7 or 8 string. You will sound brutal as hell with this tone.
    Its clear and a perfect balance of mids and lows for that low flinny growl.
    Not to mention the other tonal options from slight adjustments of the gains.

    Worth every penny!

  4. Amazing Tone

    This is a really cool tone, it sounds great in the low mids and has an incredible amount of clarity and aggression, very much like the tone that Diego uses for Volumes!

  5. Jose Escudero

    Started using this patch live. It’s amazing. I didn’t change anything on it at all. Makes all the other patches I had downloaded or made myself sound below par. Great work!

  6. Jose Escudero

    Very nice patch. It’s really heavy and it stops fast. What more can you ask for from a great modern metal tone.

  7. A B

    Bought this one and i have to say its gnarly as fuck. I’ve done very little changes and it works very well in my mix. It definitely has that volumes-ish sound to it. I will agree and say that this one is worth the money, because i’ve spent a lot of time reproducing tones from tutorials and they all suck ass compared to this! There really is a reason why these tutorials are for free and this tone is not.

  8. koen

    Definitely one of the best djent tones out there. I never quit figured out how to achieve that gnarly mid focused djent tone, but this one is definitely it. Once tweaked to your own set-up and preferences, this is the best you get and absolutely worth the money.
    Also this is one of the few tones which sound almost the same as well on your audio system as through a cabinet, an absolute plus for my use.

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