Vildhjarta – Dagger rhythm & clean tones (Pod HD)


I have always loved the “sickness” and the filth that Vildhjarta’s tones brings out, and I can proudly say that I achieved these with my patches! So if you want to turn your Pod HD into a fuken Th0ll-Machine, you need these patches ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Dagger tones

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  1. Rob

    This tone is insane. George was very willing to talk through any questions or issues I had, and found my new favorite tone. I was struggling to find a tone that had that harsh attack without sacrificing low/mids. This is punchy, heavy, twangy, and in your face.

    I replaced the tube screamer with a wah so it had even more twang. I also recommend replacing the noise gate with a hard gate, it fixed all my problems (and you don’t have to fit 3 noise gates in the signal chain). If you use a pitch shift pedal like me, I recommend replacing the tube compressor.

    I’ll definitely be back for any patches I might need in the future.

  2. Lee Inthavongsa

    These tones are the closest you will ever get to vildhjarta awesome tone! I have the regular HD patch and the HD metal big bottom patch version of this tone and George’s BB version of this tone is the best mist accurate one. So if you want this I highly recommend you get the hd metal pack first its so worth it considering there aren’t really any BB patches for the hd500x on pod website.

  3. connorgernand

    The most accurate Vildhjarta tones I’ve ever heard, it’s amazing George managed to get the tone without the immense amount of post-processing that Vildhjarta uses when recording. Couldn’t ask for a better price for the best POD tones I’ve ever heard.

  4. Harry

    Amazing patch! i have been using the rhythm patch for literally all my recording for the last few months. Good price for top quality tones!

  5. Jordan Wales

    These are the patches that I asked to be made. I have been trying to find or make a twangy Vildhjarta-like tone for a few months now but every single patch ended up very shrill and ice picky at the top end, or unclear and with too much gain on the lower notes. The rhythm patch here suffers from none of those things. It is clear, dynamic, and actually really good sounding. The rhythm patch especially also has a very natural, organic response unlike many other peoples patches which feel unnatural and fake with their very hard gates.
    The ambient/clean patch is also very good and accurate to the original. I find it is much more subtle in its effects. Whereas many other of these kind of tones sound drowned out with reverb and delay, this one is more useable.

    Both of these tones really feel like my tones. For the first time, I haven’t felt the need change anything but the gate parameters. George has done a spectacular job and these tones are the best I’ve heard on the pod.

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