Periphery – The Bad Thing (Pod HD)


The Bad Thing Patch (Misha’s Tone)


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  1. pagliaro_78

    Great and tight sounding rythm tone !
    I’m loving it !

  2. atkcondon

    Holy Hell this one was phenomenal. It really is plug in and play.
    I could tell it was the same tone no matter what guitar I used. Tested the patch on the following;
    Schecter Omen 7 – Drop A – DActivator Bridge (with dodgey install/pots, makes everything sound muddy)
    ESP LTD V300 – Drop C – EMG 81/85 Actives w/ Old Battery and Strings
    ESP LTD M1000 Deluxe – E Standard 81/85 Actives w/ used Battery and Strings
    Cort Cr230 – Drop D – EMG HZ Humbuckers, Passive w/ well used strings

    I can confidently say the tone was easily recognizable as the same on all guitars in all conditions.
    This tone is optimized for that 7 string sound though so i think it it sounds its best when used with a 7 string. Even in Drop C on a 6 string it sounds fantastic.

    Adjusting the amp gains by even just 10% took me from that growly crunch to a big distortion, which i loved. I love variety in tones.

    If you want that massive 7 string or 6 String Drop B tone, GET IT! You won’t be disappointed.

  3. koen

    The bad thing patch is absolutelty amazing. I used with a bareknuckle aftermath and you really get thet diirrrty mid focused rhythm sound. Certainly that in your face sound that you’re looking for.

  4. Jordan

    I got both the Bad Thing and Pale Aura. Honestly there are 2 things that separate StormBringer tones from everyone elses.
    1. They actually sound like the song they’re based off. Not similar but perfectly replicated
    2. All of these tones respond in a very organic natural way that honestly beats every other digital modeller.

    Also they require almost no tweaking to sound perfect for your setup. I only needed to play with the noise gate for a minute or two to get it perfect.

    Honestly from a real customer who has been looking for a decent tone from budget gear, I can say that Pale Aura and The Bad Thing tones that George makes are the best that you’ll be able to find anywhere. They legitimately rival the Axe-FX to my ears.

  5. Nicolae Michael Wallace

    I bought The Bad Thing patch about two weeks ago. Initially I was worried that there would be too much distortion and it would come out sloppy, but I figured I could always just turn the distortion down if that was the case. As of yet, I haven’t had to make any adjustments. I’ve used it in everything from metalcore to djent to just messing around and jamming with a good distortion. My pickups are a little sensitive, but that’s me more than the tone. I even got it to djent on my 6 string in E standard. Definitely recommend it.

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