Periphery – Summer Jam (Pod HD)


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  1. Eddie

    What an amazing tone George created!
    Right “out of the box” it sounds simply phenominal in terms of dynamics and expression!

    Keep up the good work George…You Rockk 😉

  2. atkcondon

    Amazing Sound. Only adjusting needed was Noise Gate by a few % and the presence control.
    I could tell it was the same tone no matter what guitar I used. Tested the patch on the following;
    Schecter Omen 7 – Drop A – DActivator Bridge (with dodgey install/pots, makes everything sound muddy)
    ESP LTD V300 – Drop C – EMG 81/85 Actives w/ Old Battery and Strings
    ESP LTD M1000 Deluxe – E Standard 81/85 Actives w/ used Battery and Strings
    Cort Cr230 – Drop D – EMG HZ Humbuckers, Passive w/ well used strings

    I can confidently say the tone was easily recognizable as the same on all guitars in all conditions.
    Tbh i probably just had to increase the presence as old strings and flat batterys take away the brightness, and the guitars are naturally darker sounding anyway.

    This patch allows the characters of your guitar to come through, with that Jake Bowen sound.
    I think it sounds at its best when in the tuning of Drop C or lower on a 6, or any 7 string tuning.
    And adjusting the Amp Gains gives you even more tonal options.
    Love it.

  3. Oscar

    The summer jam tone is sick, really recommend it as it is very authentic to the original tone.

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