Plini – Papermoon EP Bundle (Pod HD)


This bundle features 5 tones from the Paper Moon EP

  • Rhythm tone
  • 2 Lead tones
  • Jakub lead tone
  • Clean tone
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Paper Moon tones

Plini’s music has always bewitched me. His songwriting is absolutely stunning and their Tones are top-notch and well-balanced in every aspect.

If you are searching for these Crystal-Clear, Ethereal Cleans or some Smooth, Atmospheric Leads, then you ‘ve come to the right place. Plini has all these Tones along with some delicious Melodic Rhythms. It just can’t get any better!

Rhythm and Lead tones

Clean tone

Jakub Lead tone

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  1. tele613

    Very impressed, very satisfied! This gentleman knows what he is doing. I was about to give up on my Pod HD, and decided to give one of these downloads a try before getting rid of it. Now I can say, I wont be selling. SB Soundlab helped me breathe new life into the Pod! Thank you so much!

  2. Marco Pelle

    Got the whole pack of patches and I’m really satisfied as a Plini fan, very good job indeed!

  3. Tobias

    Ordered the rhythm and lead tone. In stock config works very well with my DiMarzio PAF 7 and also with my SD SH6/TB6. Pretty similar to this Plini Tone. Communication easy and delivery was very fast. No Problemes here. These Patches are worth every cent

  4. Luke Hugenroth

    Got the jakub lead and the rhythm. So so so impressed! Now when I play electric sunrise it sounds spot on! 🙂 Tooooootally worth it.

  5. Ryan Taylor

    I got the Paper Moon patches for Lead, Rhythm, and Jakub’s solo. All of them sounded totally on point! Very little tweaking required at all based on my setup, which is neat since my PRS typically has a lesser amount of output than some of the heavier guitars these other guys use.

    Would highly recommend to any POD owner who’s a fan of Plini.

  6. Fares Q

    Got the Paper Moon lead patch and it was great, really captured that Plini solo vibe well. Used a Jackson Warrior and a Schecter Damien and sounds really good on both.

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