Northlane – Singularity Bundle (Pod HD)


This Bundle features my favorite Singularity tones, including various Lead, Clean & Ambient tones, along with their famous Rhythm tone!

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Singularity’s Rhythm tone really hits you in the face, without making anything muddy, although they play in F tuning. The highs are so scratchy and distinct, without being distorted. Everything is just super well balanced.


The rest of the tones that accompany the Rhythm are just “pure Northlane”. All these atmospheres and leads.. you simply can’t play Northlane stuff without them.

Worldeater bundle

There are 6 tones featured in this sample:
  • Intro
  • Singlularity Rhythm
  • Clean: 1.21-1.32
  • Lead: 2.35-3.19
  • Ambient: 1.26-2.27
  • Distorted Ambient: 0.21-0.38, 2.27-2.35, 3.15-3.50

Quantum Flux bundle

There are 4 tones featured in this sample:
  • Tapping Intro
  • Singularity Rhythm
  • Quantum Clean: 0.47-1.02
  • Quantum Ambient: 0.47-0.52, 1.03-1.17

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  1. schwarzblack

    The Northlane Singularity bundle was made with love and compassion – you can hear that und you can feel it, it gives you an absolute “Northlane-feeling”. Best tones I have heard on a Pod HD so far. I will definitely try out some more tones from SB Tones.

  2. Kris Stoneway

    The Worldeater Presets were the second presets I have bought from George. And what should I Say? These Tones are more than awesome. Im using all presets in my current live set up – couldnt be happier.

    Cheers from Germany!

  3. jambrother

    “Worldeater Bundle”
    Amazing sounds!!
    If you wanna get Northlane tone without labor, I recommend this.

  4. Patrick

    I got the Quantum Flux rhythm tone and it truly is a masterpiece. It’s so accurate to the original tone! I highly recommend anyone with a Pod to try at least one of George’s patches to see how amazing it really is.

  5. Ben

    I bought the Worldeater Patch Bundle.

    For everyone who wants to play along the “Singularity” album I can only recommend these patches! The tones are literally identical to the ones Northlane used on their record giving you sometimes the feeling of not even playing because you hear no difference in the tone. ^^ The low F is like pure fucking destruction in your face while the clean patch is just smooth getting me delved into playing for hours *_*
    Oh yeah and really cool dude to talk to as well!
    So to summarise: 10/10 would play again 😉

  6. Mike Fashe

    If you’re a fan of Northlane then buy this tone bundle! The rhythm patch is really identical, the ambient patches are really nice as well, and overall these patches are nicely made. Definitely buy this! This guy never fails to amaze

  7. Dakota Carswell

    The Quantum Flux Rhythm tone is super tight sounding, and amazing right off the start. I’ve been a Northlane fan for quite a bit now and i can say these tones (quantum flux bundle) are spot on. Definitely check out the other patches as well, not a single bad one.

  8. Very Accurate

    The Quantum Flux rhythm tone is super tight sounding and has a lot of depth, as does the Obelisk tone. The ambient, and tapping tones are also very cool. I’d definitely recommend people to check these out, whether you want to use them as they are or if you want to modify them, you might learn a thing or two by looking closely at how they’ve been shaped.

  9. Joshua Ang

    Take the tiny asian kids money they said. Look at him and his tiny amount of money and take it all.
    Well. The asian kid loves what he got out of it anyway. I know that you might think, ‘why am I paying for a tone that I can make myself’.
    Short answer. You cant. Rip. Soz for ruining your dreams.
    The tone I got from the Quantum Flux patch can only be described as identical to my ex.
    Pissed off, thick, predominant mids, and they (my pod, not the tone haha) both are hanging in my closet.
    Being serious for a second, his tones are second to none, and have am amazing quality to them. If you want to make your tones sound like his, its pretty easy. Go cry in a corner, re-evaluate your life, and then buy all his patches. Simple.
    His customer service is insane, as I had an issue due to my pods software being outdated. (My fault. Not his)
    So all I can say now is
    *Does the Shia hand thing
    JUST. DO. IT.

    Get your dream tones now. Just for th cheap price of ‘who even cares it worth is’.

    Yours Djentily,
    Djoshua Angst

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