Northlane – Node Bundle (Pod HD)


This Bundle features my favorite Node tones, including various Lead, Clean & Ambient Tones, along with their famous Rhythm tone!

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I have never heard before such a natural tone coming from a guitar tuned so low.
If you are bored of having your 7/8string guitar to sound ridiculously agressive all the time and instead you want to experiment with something more organic and tamed, then you ‘ve come to the right place!


Northlane never fail to amaze with all these Ambient Textures and Ethereal Leads they put in every song. I simply love their Tones.

Impulse presets

The sample features 6 tones:

  • Node Ambient: 0.00-0.15, 0.44-0.59, 1.43-1.57
  • Node Rhythm
  • Lead: 0.29-0.44, 2.12-2.27
  • Ambient Lead: 2.41-2.56
  • HP Rhythm: 1.14-1.29, 3.10-3.25
  • Distorted Rhythm: 2.27-2.54

Rot presets

The sample features 5 tones:

  • Ambient Clean: 0.00-0.40
  • Node Rhythm
  • Node Ambient: 0.09-0.42
  • Fuzz Rhythm: 0.57-1.11
  • Clean: 1.11-1.25

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  1. Jake

    Obelisk tone is super tight and accurate! Recommend it!

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