Architects – A Match Made In Heaven rhythm tone (Pod HD)




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  1. Christian

    Fist of all: the support from george is awesome. I’ve bought the wrong patch and it was no problem to change my order.

    I’ve bought the “Match Made in Heaven” Patch, tweaked it for 5 minutes and it was awesome. I’ve have never had such a great sounding tone.

    Keep up your awesome work, george!

  2. Sam Holmes

    I recently purchased the ‘A Match Made In Heaven’ patch for the POD HD500X and I have to say, it sounds absolutely perfect in any mix and sounds exactly like the tone used on ‘All our gods have abandoned us’! It’s now my ‘go to’ rhythm tone for any metalcore / hardcore mix. George knows what he’s doing, and he’s always friendly / ready to help! 5 Stars!

  3. Alec

    Tried out the Match made in heaven patch and George helped me to make it perfect for my guitar and tuning! Customer service 10/10 Highly recommend!!!

  4. Tom Ahrens

    Accurate: 10/10 / Patch: 13/10 / Support: Over 9000/10

    If you love Architects and got a POD get this baby! This patch sounds exactly like the album. Amazing job!

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