Northlane – Singularity rhythm & Lead tones (Axe FX)


This bundle includes 2 Tones (Rhythm & Lead) and a custom built IR.

These patches utilize a dual amp setup, tweaked at their maximum potential in order to match the 5150 & Diezel amps that were used for this album. The outcome is a very aggressive and yet articulate tone that will satisfy any Northlane fan or anyone that would like to experiment with well-made dual amp setups ^_^

(As for the AX8 version, I used a single amp and a custom IR to get close to the dual amp setup I used on the Axe FX II)


I have also tweaked the Drive Block to match 100% my Protone Bulb Deluxe OD, which helps a lot in getting a very smooth, analog sounding boost.



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  1. harrisonlansdale

    Very VERY clear high gain tone . Playing with the actual track, you can’t hear any tone difference. Sounds absolutely fantastic.

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