Frequently asked questions

Will these patches work for my “X” unit?

My Pod HD patches work for the following Line 6 Units: Pod HD Desktop (bean), Pod HD500 & Pod HD500X, Pod HD Pro & Pod HD ProX

My Axe Fx patches work for the Axe Fx II, XL, XL+ & AX8*.

My Helix patches work for the Helix Rack & Floor units, as well as for the Native plug-in.

*The Northlane Tones utilize a dual amp setup and therefore do not work for the AX8

What about the Impulse Responses (IR's)

For my Axe Fx & Helix tones: I make custom Impulse Responses and I import them into my units.

So you can simply get my impulse responses and use them with any impulse response loader and a similar amp sim (Bias, TSE, Axe Fx Standard/Ultra, etc) and get a very close result without spending a fortune on an Axe Fx II or a Helix.

I will upload some videos in the future to demonstrate that.